dan auerbach 

rei store guidelines

rollout strategy, graphic design and print production for rei co-op with otto design group. work includes a set of five books outlining guidelines for store design and visual merchandising of new and exisiting stores.

the wheelhouse cafe

rollout strategy, graphic design and print production for the wheelhouse with otto design group. work includes branding guidelines and merchandising / developer strategies.

la metro

work includes concept art for the california active transporation program to promote biking to and from train stations, playlist artwork for soundcloud and spotify, and a brian eno inspired soundscape event with dublab in los angeles.

crop material mgmt

a material management plan created for art center college of design with the help of carolina rodriguez, heidrun mumper-drumm and daisuke yamaguchi. by using student insight and access to tools, crop (representing compostable, recyclable, other, and paper) was created to shift negative perceptions of trash and waste into a positive vision of usable and reusable materials. work includes the design, fabrication and installation of permanent and mobile material collection stations strategically distributed throughout the school. crop’s graphic identity was made to be almost obnoxiously obvious and playful to counter the seemingly stark and serious nature of most existing recycling programs.